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Our girl Jynx Maze was feeling a bit of Deja Vu in this update from POVD as she watched her man on her tablet, admiring his big thick cock as he lay on the bed…the Deja Vu came about because when she headed upstairs to find the guy he was laying on that very bed […]

  • 21 May 14

  • POVD


ynx Maze needs a little help from her husbands best friend. She and him have been fucking on the side for a long time ever since she married her husband to be exact. So when he comes inside and asks what she needed help with she just gives him that face and he already knows what she wants[…]

She might not be the most subtle of seductresses but with a butt like the one our girl Jynx Maze is working with, I guess she doesn’t need to be! In this update from Fantasy HD she wakes up from a nude nap on the couch just in time to invite the pool cleaner inside after his work was finished…