Naughty America

Clover is running yet another fucking errand for his wife and he is at his wits end. He goes to her friend Jynx Maze because he needs to drop off a dress to get altered and when Jynx asks him how things are he tells it how it is. She makes him do all this bullshit and he can’t even get his dick sucked anymore because she just doesn’t do it. Jynx feels bad for him so she says she will alter the dress no problem[…]

ynx Maze needs a little help from her husbands best friend. She and him have been fucking on the side for a long time ever since she married her husband to be exact. So when he comes inside and asks what she needed help with she just gives him that face and he already knows what she wants[…]

Naughty America seems to be owning all of Jynx Maze’s time right now LOL! The last few updates for this site has all been from them! Anyways here she is on their site called My Dad’s Hot Friend and she is looking hot as always. The outfit is a little weird looking not going to lie about that but once […]

Jynx Maze hits the bar looking for her loser as husband and sure enough he was just there. She is going to wait around for him to come back. While waiting for that douche she finds out that the bartender isn’t really getting any at home either. So instead of being mad at their spouses they decide to do a […]

Jynx Maze is making her third appearance on Ass Masterpiece! If you missed the other two you have to check them out! One was just by herself and then other one she did with Mischa Brooks! They are all kind of Gonzo scenes Naughty America doesn’t really mess around with a plot or anything you just get to see Jynx […]

Both of these girls Jynx Maze and Mischa Brooks know that they have amazing asses. So when you watch this full video you are going to see them shaking it because it literally is their money maker. The girls get a dick though to please them and let me tell you this isn’t their first rodeo. When Jynx is riding […]

Jynx Maze definitely has an ass masterpiece…shouldn’t that be called an assterpiece? Anyway it’s big and round and bouncy and looks amazing when she’s all oiled up and fucking someone like she is in this hot hardcore video update from the Naughty America network!