My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend

Naughty America seems to be owning all of Jynx Maze’s time right now LOL! The last few updates for this site has all been from them! Anyways here she is on their site called My Dad’s Hot Friend and she is looking hot as always. The outfit is a little weird looking not going to lie about that but once she gets naked she looks hot as fuck. Jynx goes into her boyfriends bedroom and see’s his adult son wrapping up a gift for him. He is a total Emo and his girlfriend is there helping them, Jynx does the bitching thing and asks “who this slut is” the Emo girl can’t really handle the pressure so she takes a hike. once Jynx is a lone with the sons she tells him she will teach him how to wrap. She breaks out a condom from her purse wraps his dick in it and fucks him until his dad gets home.